The Soul’s Answer

Before dawn,
O silent Friend,
My being stilled; adorned,
In spotless wool.

You invite me - Your delight!
O mine!

I do!


The Bride

O weaned child that is my soul within me.
Loved into being and being now in love.


A family bequeathed.

Within you alone we glisten, as dew-stars on Petrine petals,
Pollinating poppies and snowdrops with eternal springs.

In the breaking of You.

Until the lightning flash and all is new.


The Voyage

My breathing Friend.
Am I to limit You - I Am?

When in Truth I adore You in Holy everything.
All scarlet dancing rainbows,
In all surprises, changing faces, red breasts - and silent knowing.

You are the happiness - exploding from the mountain and the desert.

For little tilling dust-suns.
Clothed in Love, and fed forever.


Real Presence

A child’s soul detached.
Butterflies listening.
In absence of sense, and imageless eternity.
Effortless - asking nothing.
Mouth-to-mouth - unseen.
Love’s speechless bliss.
Deeply dancing happiness.

Purely beholding hearts.
The features of your ever-present abyss.



In all things,
Within I sense.
And breath the sweetness of your breath - of You!

Because You who are,

And of your breathing,



Scarlet earth-mud.
Wool and snow.
Still now,
Remade in thanksgiving.


Holy MAtrimony

For ages past
and ever.

Within that yes,
A second’s clean trembling.

Life from life’s chaste flesh,
And lustless union.

Rubbing salt and being.

Heaven prompts a yielding.

Make us one!